Membership dues are $13 single, $26 couple, covering from June 1 to May 31. After December 31, dues for new members are $7 single and $13 couple and cover the rest of the year. Dues for new members joining between April 15 and May 31 revert to the whole year amount of $13 single, $26 couple, and include the next full year. 


You may participate in two club activities before you join and you may also request a copy of our newsletter, The Friendly Courier.

Contact the Membership Chair  with any questions.

To learn about our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) listed, you are encouraged to contact any of the chairs named.

To join, download our application form. You may print it and complete it by hand or complete it on your screen before printing. Mail the application with your check made payable to Asheville New Friends to:



Asheville New Friends 

P.O. Box 1324

Asheville, NC 28802